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Why become a member of the EIA Association?

  • Because you want to support the idea of EIA.

  • Because you will benefit from interdisciplinary professional discussions and exchange of experience.

  • Because you can profit from an expert network.

  • Because you will receive the journal UVP-report five times a year free of charge.

  • Because you can participate in many conferences and workshops at a reduced fee.

  • Because you can become a registered user of our homepage and then get access to exclusive online services (e. g. Archive of the journal UVP-report, EIA Forum).

  • Because you will receive services of the EIA Centre (consultancy, research, publications, copies) at special rates.

Why should your company become a member of the EIA Association?

  • Because you can benefit from all services mentioned above.

  • Because you get a free web link at the web page of the EIA Association.

  • Because any member of your company receives her or his own personal access to our exclusive online services (see above).

  • Because you receive 10% discount on advertisements in the journal UVP-report.

  • Because you get an entry in the journal UVP-report under the heading ”Index of Member Companies“ against an expense allowance.

How do you become a member of the EIA Association?

  • via postcard: UVP-Gesellschaft, Sachsenweg 9, D-59073 Hamm

  • via telephone: +49 - 0 23 81 - 5 21 29

  • via telefax: +49 - 0 23 81 - 5 21 95

  • via contact form

What does a membership cost?

Annual membership fees, valid from 1 January 2008 (according to the decision by the general meeting of members in Dortmund on 6 September 2007):

  • Personal members: 100.00 Euro

  • Students, trainees, unemployed persons (against documentation): 45.00 Euro

  • Companies/departments with up to 5 employees: 200.00 Euro

  • Companies/departments with 6 to 20 employees: 380.00 Euro

  • Companies/departments with more than 20 employees: 610.00 Euro

  • Authorities and university faculties: 300.00 Euro


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