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The EIA Association is especially committed to supporting young scientists and environmental planners. The Young Forum of the EIA Association thus offers a new platform for bundling all activities related to promoting young talents. The Forum is a service of the EIA Association and will assist young people interested in issues of spatial environmental planning and environmental assessment.

It addresses both members and non-members interested in creating an active network of young environmental planners. In this connection, the aim of the EIA Association is also to gain new members. Therefore we are pleased about everyone who becomes a member and also actively takes part in the work of the association. In doing so, anyone can take advantage of the manifold possibilities for networking, environmental expert work and carrier planning. We are firmly convinced: It pays off!


Benefits of the Young Forum for members of the EIA Association

  • The Young Forum of the EIA Association offers a wide range of information on all issues related to spatial environmental planning and environmental assessment at national and international level.

  • Via list server and further planned tools, the Young Forum provides excellent opportunities for the exchange with experts from science and research, with professionals experienced in environmental planning, and with environmental and planning authorities.

  • The professional journal UVP-report offers a favourable occasion to gather information about the latest trends.

  • The Young Forum promotes contacts between universities and environmental planning consultants. It provides excellent connections to the professional world thus facilitating the start to working life.

  • It opens up the possibility for participating and collaborating in the expert working groups or the regional groups. Voluntary service at the EIA Association has frequently opened doors for the future career path in the field of environmental planning.

  • The Young Forum promotes interdisciplinary work: Under its roof, it unites planners, natural scientists, social scientists, lawyers, etc.

  • The exchange with other environmental and professional associations is fostered via the EIA Association.

  • Finally, the Young Forum assists with vocational preparation, career choice, studies and doctoral theses.

Events within the scope of the Young Forum

  • Biannual Study Award (since 2007).

  • Tutorial and Summer School dealing with issues of environmental planning and environmental assessment.

  • Information events at universities.

  • Encouragement of own activities of young members within the EIA Association.

  • Internship and/or job exchange internet service (projected).

Target Groups

Students and young professionals of the following disciplines:

  • Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences;

  • Environmental Planning, Landscape Planning, Landscape Architecture;

  • Urban and Regional Planning, Spatial Planning;

  • Geography, Geological Sciences;

  • Political Science, Regional Science, Environmental Economics;

  • Engineering Sciences;

  • Health Sciences;

  • Law with focus on the environment;

  • comparable disciplines.

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